Delia Kumabe » BIOGRAPHY


I have always believed my purpose in life was to serve and collaborate with marginalized populations. I am the daughter of hard working parents, visionaries and activists who all my life have modeled their passion to serve others. I am also the granddaughter of farm workers who taught me that HARD WORK is HEART WORK and that EMPATHY and LOVE are the core of any relationship. I am an advocate for social justice through education for our children, families and community. As a young immigrant from Mexico, I quickly realized my elementary school was not built to embrace the gifts of students who spoke only Spanish. I learned this educational system was preferential; English- speaking white students had access to a Eurocentric curriculum. At nine years old, I learned that my parents needed to advocate for me to get access to a quality education. They also had to advocate for me in middle school, so  that I would be allowed to be part of advanced science and english courses and again in high school so I would have access to Honors and Advanced Placement classes. I was assessed and made to sign contracts requiring me to earned a C or higher to be able to stay in these courses, regardless of prior teacher recommendations and excellent grades. These experiences clarified my passion for demanding Excellence and Justice IN Education.  

I continued my education at UC San Diego majoring in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Education. My commitment to social justice work grew during this time; I worked at the Cross Cultural Center to connect the institution to the community.  I interned and collaborated with the UCSD Provost who opened the first charter school at UCSD and shared my recommendations on who to prioritize for access. I participated in, presented, and organized UCSD's M.E.CH.A. High School conferences four years in a row, inviting hundreds high school students, empowering them as social agents of change and sharing with them how to access higher education. During the summers I taught elementary students through the Summerbridge program, where I was given an opportunity to teach in Atlanta, Georgia my last summer at UCSD. These experiences continued to light my passion for creating a space embracing each child’s strengths, beauty and potential while providing a quality bilingual education. My drive to continue learning and teaching eventually led me to apply to Teach For America where I later earned my Teaching Credential at Georgia State University. 

After completing the program in Atlanta, I returned home to be part of the opportunity to embrace a dream and give it life. While teaching 6th grade in Barrio Logan, our local school district in El Cajon decided to close an  elementary school and I was given the opportunity to be one of the founders of EJE Elementary Academy. I have proudly served the EJE Academies community for the past 18 years. The first 12 years were spent as the founding principal of the elementary school, where I also taught kindergarten and 2nd grade while earning my Administrative Credential within my first 2 years at EJEA. Currently, I serve as the TK-2nd Instructional Coach. I will continue to be part of these unique and extraordinary schools with passion, dedication, commitment and with all my heart. I look forward to continuing this work with our staff for the purpose of significantly impacting the academic and social/emotional growth of our students as well as empowering teachers to embrace and explore their superpowers.