The Community Health Clinic

A Collaborative Partnership between EJEA and Bastyr University

Currently located at the Good Shepherd Ministry Center 

(Across the street from EJEA at 772 S. Johnson Ave)

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 2:15 PM - 5:30 PM


EJE Academies Charter School’s philosophy is to educate the whole child, including providing quality bilingual education, proper nutrition, physical activity, emotional support, and preventative health to our students and their families. We primarily serve low-income students who qualify for free and reduced lunch and the majority of our families would not have access to the quality services described above without the support of EJEA and our community partners. 

The opportunity to partner with Bastyr University to provide preventative health services at no cost to EJE Academies students and families was brought to us by our EJEA Board President, Jerry Hoffmeister. Our Executive Director, Eva Pacheco and the staff at Bastyr University worked together to develop a program offering healthy nutrition education and primary care services. The result was the establishment of the Community Health Clinic, which opened its doors in August of 2016, offering services once a week at the United Methodist Church (now Good Shepherd Ministry Center) across the street from our campus.

The Community Health Clinic, a collaborative partnership between EJEA and Bastyr University applies the principles of natural medicine to offer a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare focused on the whole student and their family. Under the supervision of Bastyr clinical faculty, the university’s advanced naturopathic medicine students provide healthcare services to EJEA’s students, their families, and extended family members. The vital services provided by the Community Health Clinic has already caught the attention of other local healthcare organizations. In the Spring of 2017, Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) awarded Bastyr University a $29,000 grant to double the clinic's capacity, allowing services to be offered two days per week.

Due to the lack of space on campus, both the Community Health Clinic and the Transitional Kindergarten classrooms are currently located in rented spaces at Good Shepherd Ministry Center. Our hope is that with the addition of the new buildings and current renovation plans, as well as with your support, the Transitional Kindergarten classrooms and the Community Health Clinic will soon be located on our campus.

The following video demonstrates the powerful effect the clinic has had on both the EJEA Community and the Bastyr clinicians who work there: