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Educational Equity, Opportunities, and Bright Futures

Located on a campus built in the 1940s, EJEA’s facilities have been in need of rehabilitation since before we arrived in 2009.  Our current campus was originally built to serve 500 elementary students. EJE Academies has increased enrollment from 440 in 2009 to our current enrollment of over 800 students in TK-8th grade.

We envision a school that meets the needs of our expanded student enrollment and allows us to provide the services and opportunities our families deserve. Above all, we envision a space that resembles and fosters equity and justice in education.

Make an Impact by supporting Equity and Justice in Education!

 Join Us in Building a New Campus for Future Generations of EJE Academies’ Students



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EJE Academies is a nonprofit 501© (3) Tax ID# 20 - 2696218

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