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Our EJE Library provides students and teachers with a well-organized and easily accessible collection of reliable sources in English and Spanish allowing students to become independent information seekers. It is our school wide goal that students will become aware of the important role of literature and develop good reading habits to become lifelong learners.


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¡Gracias Autores!

Tenemos el honor de tener invitados muy talentosos y especiales en EJE cada año. Los siguientes autores e ilustradores han visitado a nuestros estudiantes. **We are honored to have very talented and special guests at EJE every year. The following authors and illustrators have visited our students.**




April 2010

What have Edith Hope Fine and Judith Pinkerton Josephson been doing since our author visit in April 2010?

Ms. Fine has a new book titled “Water, Weed and Wait”

Ms. Josephson new book is “Why did the Cherokees Move West?”

Check them out in the library today!


March 2011

Pam Muñoz Ryan has a new book, "ECHO"  which you can find in our library.

Ms. Ryan presented at EJE in March 2011.

October 2011

Thank you to Alma Flor AdaIsabel Campoy and Suni Paz for visiting our school in October, 2011. What an amazing experience for all of us!

February 2012

  Our students were treated to a presentation in February 2012, by creative thinker and artist, Simon Silva. You can find his book in the library and as part of our e-Book selection.

December 2013

Author and illustrator, Joe Cepeda provided us with an amazing presentation in December, 2013. Look for his new books coming soon!

January  2015

 Monica Brown was fabulous on January 16, 2015. We were lucky to have her come to visit us all the way from her home in Arizona.

November 2015

Thank you Rafael Lopez for inspiring the artist in all of us with your amazing presentations on November 12th, 2015.  We are looking forward to his new book coming soon with author F. Isabel Campoy.

March 2018

Thank you René Colato Laínez for your school visit. We enjoyed all the stories you shared with our entire school.  We are looking forward to adding your next multicultural publication to our library.


March 2019

Thank you Mina Javaherbin for sharing your messages about the importance of acknowledging, embracing and respecting our differences. We had a fabulous time learning about the importance of a multicultural education. We will always treasure the time we spent with you and look forward to your new book, “Grandma and Me”.