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In our current 2020 environment the public has become aware of the injustices suffered by people of color. The closure of Ballantyne school in August of 2004 was one of those institutional acts of injustice. This closure was a disruptive and unjust blow to the students and community. As a recently retired K-12 and college educator, I was very moved by the unfair closure affecting so many families and undermining their children's right to a proper learning environment. Through one of the Ballantyne parents, I was connected with the group who wanted to form a charter school to fill the void. I joined her and several other Ballantyne parents who were organizing under the guidance of parent advocates Mr. and Mrs. Pacheco and Delia (Pacheco) Kumabe. At our biweekly meetings, I saw Mrs. Pacheco's strong and determined leadership; I was certain we would achieve the goal of creating a new school that would serve this population of students who would be displaced. Mrs. Pacheco was adamant about forming the charter school just one short month after the Ballantyne School closure. That summer myself and other founders went door-to-door seeking to recruit additional students and our school opened with a student body of just over 100 students. Before our first day of school we needed to establish a school board and I was very happy to be a part of that.

The leadership and core values of EJE are what drew me to the founding parent group and after 16 years those values of Excellence, Justice and focus on Higher Education still remain at the forefront of the school’s culture, policies and curriculum. The EJEA philosophy, culture and staff still sustain my interest and support in being a part of the exciting dynamic of a very successful school. For several years, I have often taught as a substitute teacher at EJEA and enjoyed administering the California CELDT and ELPAC english testing of students. It is very satisfying to see students' progress from year to year and to be in an elementary setting again.
Over the years I have admired how the administration team has carefully chosen staff that will do their best for the students, bringing on conscientious individuals who continue to advance the school's mission of preparing students for success in a globally oriented environment and who stay true to EJEA’s core values. The administration and staff they hire hold these principles themselves and it is all done with love.This is a winning formula of perpetuating personal standards and will sustain the EJEA culture of Excellence, Justice and Education well into the future and I am very proud to be a part of it.